Getting Cozy!

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Well I’ve been moved in for about a month now and it is going great. I’ve given 100 tours to interested friend/family/clients. Its just a great building and now that there are new wood floors in the back it really adds something special to the place. I’m glad all the moving took place over my “slow” winter season. I’m may now update this all that much but you can always find out more and see more at my Setchell Studio Facebook site. “Like” be at


New Studio Bigger and Better

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As of Feb. 1st I became the owner of a great new space for my photography studio. About 4-5 times the space only begins to decribe this awsome new space. The new address is 723 Washington Street. Only a block awaybut it a whole new world. I already givin the tour a bunch but it still dosen’t get old. Come by and check it out.


Studio Changes

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Exciting changes for . With the recent purchase of another studio’s “stuff” I’ve grown my options that I can offer to clients. I’d still rather shoot out doors 9 times out of 10 but, for the indoor and formal shoots I’m really excited. With a nice little tip I have found some new locations with seniors in mind. With just a little painting left to be done on my building I’m very happy with the out come of the facade work that has been done.

5 years of Setchell Studio. I’m very happy to be an ever growing family name when it comes to photography. I’ve was never sure what path I’d take when I opened this business. I know that I’ve found more of what my niche is and keep discovering trick to add to my basket.

I have lost one of my photo inspirations. Vanessa Chidsey – An incredibly sweet, funny and talented person.

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So it been awhile since I’ve posted but as far as I know no one really reads this so…o well. I’ve had a really great week with business. I’m so excited to be shooting outside with all the nice weather and I’ve had senior shoots that really set the tone and the bar high. I been working quite a bit with MCH  Dr head shots – candids for events – mini magazine that they put out – Billboards.

Thanks to Matt ( my brother ) for a nice deal on a nice wood floor for a section in the back of my studio.

For those who don’t know I’ve been an EMT for Mendota for the last 6ish months and I’m realllly close to having my Fire Fighter certification.  Been taking classes in a near by accadmey for the last 6 months. I’m not changing my profession. This is only an on the side thing and when I’m not in the middle of a photo session I’ll take a call if they need me. It has been increadable rewarding.

Orders to do.

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I had a great meeting with Ken Kneringer of Studio K Photography

Other than a ton of reading and practice I haven’t really gone out to continued reeducating myself since the good old days of working with

Ken is quite the master. Yes in his ability to take stunning photos but more importantly to market and drive people to his site.  The man knows his stuff. For the first time my web site doesn’t feel like dead weight. No its still not a flash  site but the foundation of it is now were it needs to be to benefit me.

Break a leg to the High School Cast of Les Mis. Looking forward to it.


Done looking at the computer screen!

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I’ve been working on the computer for about 98% of the day. Busy with photo editing and web site stuff.  Had a great shoot with an almost one year old today. I should probably attach a photo from the session but I’m choosing to be lazy. I have a weekend that should be fun. Three kids ( one set of twins ) from great clients that have a few thousand photos in there folder. In the evening Kira and I are hosting a small party for a few couples. Should be a good time.

About Justin

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In my ever evolving world now into my fourth year of business I have started a blog. I’ve been into visual arts for quite some time from video and film and now mainly photography. I love what I do so much.

Some basic stuff. I’m 24 – Getting married in August – I have a 2 year old son.

Never thought I’d be doing this

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Taking the advice of someone much smarter than myself, I’m starting a blog. This will mainly be another outlet for photos and clients. We have to see how it goes.